Words of Wisdom

Our foster youth come to us on the worst day of their life. They have often witnessed or been subjected to mistreatment and neglect, and they have been taken from the only home they’ve known. We’d like to hear from former foster youth and anyone who can offer some comfort, encouragement, and wisdom.

Rules for Submission

  • No identifying information besides first name and vague details (ie: you can say what you do for a living but not your place of work)
  • No vulgar language or imagery
  • No photographs, selfies, etc.
  • Artwork is allowed as long as it is not depicting anything vulgar, violent, or traumatizing
  • Letters should be no shorter than three (3) sentences and no longer than four (4) paragraphs
  • These letters are intended for all children ages 7-18
  • All letters will be screened but handled minimally
  • Letters should be legible
  • You may submit more than one letter (ie: writing a letter for a child age 10 and another for a youth age 18)

Where Do I Send My Letter?

You may send physical letters to:

3710 Landmark Drive

Suite 307

Columbia, SC 29204

and all digital letters to: