Why Should I Foster?

There are more than 15,000 children in foster care just in North and South Carolina.

These are children in your community that need your help.  They need your time, energy, and love.  They need you to become a therapeutic foster parent. Every foster parent makes the choice to open their home and their heart.


It is often said our past experiences make us who we are today. Remembering and learning from those experiences can provide unique insight when working with foster children and their families. Being nonjudgmental about a child/teen and their family is critical in building a trusting relationship with them. From this initial establishment of trust comes the building blocks of a safe, supportive and productive relationship.

Many people have only been exposed to the negative side of foster care. Many children/teens that have been in the foster care system are successful young adults, or even foster parents themselves. It’s important for the youth placed in foster care to see success and know it really is an option.

We have been fortunate to see siblings, parent(s)/children and other relatives become licensed as foster families and support one another. And the natural support already provided by these relationships is only enhanced with the shared experience of providing foster care.

As parents of young adults watch their children transition into college, trade school, being a parent themselves or simply to living outside their parent’s home, they may feel they have an ‘empty nest’. There are so many young people that need a supportive, loving home-now is the perfect time to become a foster parent and continue sharing your wisdom and experiences with other young adults.

“I had no idea there were so many kids in foster care that need a place to stay.” There is a critical need for foster homes that have the space and skill for large sibling groups and teenagers. Children in foster care are often separated from the one thing familiar to them, their brother or sister, simply because there isn’t a home that can keep them together. Could you?

Fostering a child/teen allows you to expand your skill set as a parent. As a foster parent, you will build working relationships with teachers, doctors, therapists, caseworkers, attorneys, and the child’s family – all in an effort to provide your foster child the most loving and stable home possible to meet their needs.

“No one person can do everything but we all are obligated to do something. This is my something.”

Ready to take the next step?

We are so excited you have decided to support the youth and teens in our community by becoming a foster parent!

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