toddler in the grass

Spring has sprung! For foster family fun in the sun read more.

After such a long, cold and dreary winter, isn’t it rejuvenating to feel the wind in our hair and the warmness of the sun on our faces once again? Admit it, it feels amazing to finally say- Spring has sprung! And now that we’ve officially entered the longer days and shorter nights season, let’s talk about 3 great ways to get your foster family outdoors for a little fun in the sun.

1. Try to Catch the Wind.

Visit any local bargain store for affordable supplies to make a kite, pinwheel, or windsock for a fun-filled day on a breezy spring afternoon. 

2. Plant Something in the Ground.

Teach the value of nature by explaining how tiny seeds can grow into plants that nourish our bodies and the bodies of our furry friends and wildlife.

3. Enjoy a Picnic.

Bring a blanket and pack a bountiful feast to enjoy outside at your favorite park. Since it’s early spring you won’t have to contend with mosquitos or flies, so go ahead and pack those delicious sandwiches, snacks, and cold drinks and take in the fresh air as a family.

Another great thing about these 3 awesome outdoor ideas? You only need a little creativity and not a lot of cash to truly have an amazing family springtime season. 

Springtime is also a fantastic time to create magical bonding moments with your foster family. If you’re in North or South Carolina and would like to learn more about becoming a foster parent, please visit FPCSCORP.COM today.