foster teens

How fostering teens can positively impact their lives and YOURS!

Often when we think of “teenagers,” we instantly lean into all the negative misrepresentations our teenage population has received generation after generation. The truth is though, teenagers are amazing, fun to be around, and are some of the most compassionate and empathetic people you’ll ever meet.

How do we know this? Because study after study shows teenagers who feel a safe and secure connection with their caregivers lead healthier, more productive lives throughout their lives. That’s why we encourage our North and South Carolina neighbors and friends to foster teens.

We believe the family structure is where children first experience those much-needed feelings of safety and security. It’s also where you, the foster parent, get to witness in real-time how much love you truly have in your heart.

Here are few more reasons why fostering teens positively impacts you for the better:

  1. Tap into the fountain of youth. Having a teen in your home means you have tangible access to all the trending “tea” (pop culture news), fashion, music, and someone to keep you on your toes.
  2. There is an instant big brother or sister in the house. Teens learn first-hand the responsibility of being someone’s role model. The likelihood that your young child will view your foster teen as the “coolest” person they’ve ever met is highly likely. Therefore, it’s a safe bet to think your young one will want to spend more of their time with the “teen” of the house than with mom or dad. Fortunately, most teens naturally gravitate towards presenting themselves as nurturing, wiser, and loving role models to their younger siblings, so they probably won’t mind their tiny shadow following them around from room to room daily.
  3. Having a front-row seat to witness the small victories achieved every single day and watching your foster teen’s self-esteem and confidence grow in promising ways. Your positive influence stays with your teen into adulthood. Knowing you played a successful role by giving advice and direction about relationships, friendships, school, and even employment helps them realize their full potential and create a new successful adult life.

If you have room in your heart and your home for one more, consider becoming a foster parent to a teen in North or South Carolina today at FPCSCORP.COM.