Family Preservation Community Services (FPCS) has been serving our community since 1997.

We have adapted and expanded our services to respond to the needs of children and families through education, resources, counseling, advocacy, and support services.  We are a private, 501c3 non-profit organization.

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Families are the heart of our mission.

Family Preservation Community Services works with youth and their families during times of behavioral and/or emotional difficulties, empowering them to identify and access available resources to address current problems and helping them learn better ways to interact with each other and their community in order to address problems in the future.  Family Preservation Community Services also provides quality substitute care placement to children referred to us by child protection service agencies. 

When young children and teens are not able to live with their birth/adoptive/kinship family (for any number of reasons) they may enter the foster care system. Licensed foster families welcome these youth into their home and their family in an effort to provide them as much normalcy as possible in a family setting. We specialize in licensing families to foster teenagers, sibling groups and youth with therapeutic needs.

Our clinical intervention philosophy is based on a Strength Building Approach.

We believe that “Everyone is born with strengths.” This family centered model of treatment encourages the recognition and development of strengths in individuals and families.  Once individuals and families discover the power of their strengths, they can use these strengths to solve problems throughout their daily lives.



FPCS has chosen to further our commitment to excellence by earning the “Gold Seal of Approval” from the Joint Commission.

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