Therapy is NOT a bad word!

Mental health and self-care seem to be “goals” for pretty much everyone these days. Dealing with a 2-years and counting pandemic along with other pressing day-to-day issues. It’s easy to see why many of us are constantly looking for helpful ways to deal with stress, relax our bodies and minds, and reach for a healthier mental, spiritual, and physical way of living.

Yet, with all this self-care positivity in the air, there still seems to be this troublesome stigma attached to the word “therapy” for many of us.

So, for those who find themselves feeling a bit on the embarrassed side by or feel a sense of personal defeat when the suggestion of therapy is mentioned. We’ve compiled these five fantastic reasons to at least consider our outpatient therapy options for you, your family, or someone you love.

  1. There comes a time in everyone’s life when you just need an objective, neutral, and non-judgemental listener.
  2. You are looking for ways to understand and improve the way you interact and communicate with others.
  3. You struggle with addiction.
  4. You’ve been negatively impacted by trauma.
  5. You’re looking for ways to enhance your life.


What therapy is for those who seek assistance is an active process that encourages you to be the best version of yourself and live your happiest, healthiest, and most productive life. And there is absolutely nothing bad about any of that!

For more information about our outpatient therapy services in both North and South Carolina click the “therapy” tab on our website FPCSCORP.COM.