Parenting on the next level

4 New Year’s Resolution Ideas for Foster Parents

The new year is here! But that doesn’t mean we should stop reflecting on the amazing job you did as a foster parent in 2021. At the same time, it’s also a great time to continue to work on new ways to handle those unavoided bumps in the road each new year brings. And since we’re only 2 months into 2022, there’s still time to update your vision board with these great resolution ideas to take your parenting to the next level. 

Say “Yes” More – Discover new ways to say “yes” to spending more quality time doing things together along with making some fun “one-on-one” time for each child. 

Listen more; Talk less – Fact finding questions will always provide you with the answers you seek. So, feel free to ask questions like; what do you think? What would you do? How would you do this differently? 

Expect More – In the new year, expect more from your children, like responsibility, manners, kindness, and good behavior. You may find that when you expect more, more is exactly what you’ll get. 

Utilize your Support System – Keep in mind we are with you each step of the way of your Foster Parent journey offering you valuable training available at all locations. Visit our website for available training schedules. 

Happy New Year to our existing foster families and to all of you considering becoming a foster! We deeply appreciate your kindness and generosity and with your help, we are so looking forward to meeting the needs of more children in North and South Carolina in the New Year.

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