Family sitting on a couch

Foster Care Myth Busters

We’re not sure how rumors begin or why, but what we do know is—the time has come for us to officially debunk one huge foster care/parent myth that arguably could be the main reason potential Foster Parents struggle with the idea of becoming a Foster Family.

Each year thousands of children remain in foster care facilities simply because nearly half of Americans incorrectly believe that foster children are there because of juvenile delinquency issues.

And while that is true to some extent, the truth is that only a small fraction of children in foster care are there for delinquency troubles.

Honestly, if we could tell you the many reasons most children end up in foster care, it would surely be nothing less than heartbreaking.

The greatest loss however is without question the thousands of kids who miss out on the opportunity to become a part of an amazing family structure who helps support them through tough times and who guides them as they grow.

Children, regardless of age, are all deserving of love and care! All kids whether 8 or 18 need loving supporting family environments.

To learn more about becoming a Foster or if you know anyone who may be interested, please contact us.